Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Body and Soul No.23 / Final Call

I just sent my magazines to the participants as I received Schoko´s last Body & Soul. Started by Schoko, to end brought by his brother Hendrik Liersch / Corvinus Presse.

With: Heinrich Ost,  David Fox,  Petrus Akkordeon, Jörg Seifert, Zoppe Voskuhl, Andreas Montag, Sebastian Juan Carnero, Karl -Friedrich Hacker, Silke Konschak, Isa Edelhoff, Peter Zaumseil, Valeria Brancaforte, Carlos Botana, Denise S. Puri, Angela Behrendt, Wilhelm Schramm, Kerstin Borchardt, Susanna Lakner.

Schoko Casana Rosso 1960-2014

Angela Behrendt´s page

               Denise S. Puri´s text and drawing

Carlos Botana´s linoleum cut

Valeria Brancaforte´s linoleum cut

Peter Zaumseil´s linoleum cut

Silke Konschak´s etching

Petrus Akkordeon´s linoleum cut

You can see my collage "Anyone´s Ghost" here.

Schoko published since April 2005 22 issues and 4 special issues, each in an edition of 25, with original graphic art and texts on various themes under the title Body & Soul.
Corvinus Presse will continue to publish the magazine once a year.

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