Monday, July 28, 2014

The making of my pages to "22"

I am a great fan of Magnum Ice Cream... it was no problem collecting this tiny mass of sticks.
Magnum have a 25th. birthday in this year.
I know, the  title of my magazine is "22" not "25", but I need always + 2 copies for exhibitions and I collect also my own pages too for a possibly publication in the future. 22+2+1=25
So it was divine providence to keep these sticks. Is n´t it?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Current influences on Planet Susannia

"He is a rock star and I am not... and it's always been that way." said Tom Berninger about his brother, Matt, the frontman of The National...

Monday, July 7, 2014

"22" The Assembling Magazine #29

With the participation of:
Erich Sündermann Austria Pamela Gerard USASchoko Casana Rosso/Christian Mildbrandt Germany Mikula Lüllwitz Germany  Allan Bealy USA Piet Franzen  Holland  David Dellafiora  Australia Antonio Gomez Spain  Angela Behrendt  Germany Siggi Liersch Germany  Lubomyr Tymkiv Ukraine Susanna Lakner  Germany  Walter Bachmann / Dadanautik Germany   Vittore Baroni  Italy  Miguel Jimenez/El Taller de Zenón  Spain Diane Bertrand  Canada  Tiziana Baracchi Italy  Rémy Penard France Bruno Chiarlone Debenedetti Italy  Jürgen O.Olbrich   Germany  Torill Elisabeth Larsen Norway  A1 / Michael Leigh  UK.

Erich Sündermann

Pamela Gerard

Schoko Casana Rosso (Christian Mildbrandt)

Mikula Lüllwitz

Allan Bealy

Piet Franzen

David Dellafiora

Antonio Gomez

Angela Behrendt

Siggi Liersch

Lubomyr Tymkiv

Susanna Lakner

Vittore Baroni+Michael Leigh+Susanna Lakner

Walter Bachmann
Vittore Baroni
Miguel Jimenez
Diane Bertrand

Tiziana Baracchi

Rémy Penard

Jürgen O. Olbrich

Bruno Chiarlone

Torill Elisabeth Larsen

Backcover: Michael Leigh