Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Why we do what we do?

It was always interesting for me to know how and why other artists do what they do, and I am not afraid sometimes to ask it. Today, thanks to an invitation from Sabine Remy, my collage-collab friend and blogger of the Miriskum, I get to share my own creative process in an around-the-world blog hop. 

Everyone in the hop answers the same 4 questions:

What am I working on?

My life is a permanent creative process.
 I am working at the time on two collage books in collaborations with other artists, on my assembling magazine „22“, make a lot of objects for other assembling projects and I am working permanently an a narrative collages book since 2008. 
I am collage artist, but also a mail artist, so I send weekly at the minimum 2-4 postcards, mini booklets, artiststamps to my networker buddies.

New pages to "22"

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

The Eye (2014)
I have no idea. I´m afraid not at all.
The magic words are cut and paste.
The key: what and how we paste. In which relations.
It is very important for me to generate visual surprises. Also humour is for me a significant factor.
My favourite collagists have apart from manual accomplishments and a good assorted image collection, a huge mass of humour too.

Why do I create what I do?

Creativity is a way of life for me and making collages is sometimes a tool for me, to understand myself.
I enjoy the process from the snips of paper to a picture very well. Things never turn out the way you expect. From a special point comming suddenly new details from all directions, and I will re-experience this moment  ever and ever. That makes me addictive.

How does your creating process work? 

In essence, everything can be turned into art...
 said György Galantai in 1968, artist and founder of the Art Research Center Artpool/Budapest.

 In the last years I asked some artist friends of mine, how they work.
 Most of them said, they already see the picture they will make.
 Or they have more or less an idea about the ready picture. 
I have not. 
To make a collage - for me  - needs not preparation. If I found an interesting 
image cut, paper snippet etc., the inspiration comes fast as a sneesing, but that follows a very focused, intensive working, sometimes hours long. I like the collab with other collagists very well too. I send or receive starters to add. We made recently cool series in this way with Sabine Remy from Germany and Allan Bealy from the USA. It is an amazing moment, if somebody developes my idea further and shoots it into an other direction.

Next week, be sure to stop by my fellow hoppers
 to see how they answer the same questions:

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Pamela Gerard said...

i loved reading this and seeing the pictures. You are such an amazing and prolific artist and it is nice to hear a little about your process. Keep that mail art coming!