Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The New Franticham´s Assembling Box

With the participation of: Antic-Ham, South Korea - Tiziana Baracchi. Italy - Vittore Baroni, Italy - Lancillotto Bellini, Italy
John M. Bennett, USA - Hans Braumueller, Germany - Bruno Chiarlone, Italy - Fernando Garcia Delgado, Argentina
David Dellafiora, Australia - Elin Mack, Norway - Antonio Gomez, Spain - Klaus Groh, Germany
Richard Kostelanetz, USA - Susanna Lakner, Germany - Mikula Luellwitz, Germany - Serse Luigetti, Italy
Leo Morrissey, USA - Jamie Newton, USA - Juergen Olbrich, Germany - Fritz Sauter, Switzerland
Skooter, USA - Litsa Spathi, Netherlands - Giovanni Strada, Italy

Only 15 copies available for sale
You can order  by email at: info@redfoxpress.com
Price: 70 euro / 100 $ / 60 UK st.

You can see here the making of my works to this issue.

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