Thursday, November 21, 2013

Farewells #3

Mail Art is not only making, but also preserving, collecting, organizing, and remembering.
At Friedrich Winnes´(1949-2005) funeral it has been a consoltion for his friends to arrange for a Book of the Dead. Which turned into two. After the dead of John Evans (1932-2012) and Shozo Shimamoto (1028-2013) it was time again to publish another volume of "farwells".
In it mail artists honor their deceased friends - thought Lutz Wohlrab, the editor of this wonderfull book.

A new  assembling was born with contribution by:
Anna Banana (CA)
Vittore Baroni (IT)
Keith Bates (GB)
Guy Bleus (BE)
buZ blurr (US)
Hans Braumüller (CL/ DE)
Carl Chew (US)
David Dellafora (AT)
Francis Van Maele (IE)
H. R. Frischer (CH)
György Galántai (HU)
Klaus Groh (DE)
John Held Jr. (US)
Susanna Lakner (DE) Garciela Guetiérrez Marx (AR) Rea Nikonova (RU/DE) Clemente Padin (UY) Serge Segay (RU/DE) Klaus Staeck (DE) John Tostado (US) Lutz Wohlrab (DE)

Poster of the Hungarian Ray Johnson - Exhibition 1989, organised by György Galántai / ARTPOOL

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PamelaArtsinSF said...

Oh! I love this book -- and remembering the dead that way. I hope someone makes a book when I"m dead.......