Thursday, January 24, 2013

Transmediale 2013 Berlin

PNEUMAtic circUS

A Networked Art Extravaganza by Vittore Baroni

OCTO-P7C-1 features PNEUMAtic circUS, a networked art project curated by Vittore Baroni and involving a network of more than 100 international mail artists. PNEUMAtic circUS is the first networked art project of pneumatic post: interaction at a distance between a wide network of international networkers, visitors and artists present at transmediale. Berlin is one of very few cities in the world that offered for a long time a public service of Pneumatic Tube Transport, with messages dispatched in small cylindrical containers propelled by compressed air through a network of tubes: The local Rohrpost. Vittore Baroni invited over a hundred international mail artists to contribute pneumatic post capsules containing instructions and scores to be used by transmediale festival visitors for small actions and performances at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt. In a creative clash of innovative and obsolete technology, PNEUMAtic circUS is a living kinetic sculpture, a do-it-yourself prototype and parody of a corporate social network, a (usually) virtual experience turned physical through 3D messages that travel in handmade cylindrical containers and real live action: a challenge for all involved to expose themselves in the “circUS rings” (the specific areas of the installation dedicated to the extemporary visitors’ interventions). As Vittore Baroni points out, “a social network is a small mediatic ‘circus’ where the ‘I’ becomes ‘US’ (circUS). When you register to be part of a social network, you sign a small Faustian pact with the devil: You will probably gain something from the experience, but you will also lose some of your time and with it a piece of your soul (or PNEUMA), while Big Brother keeps a watchful eye on your activities. The handmade capSOULe artworks (or pieces of the mail artists’ souls) have been arriving at the transmediale headquarters over the past few months, boosting excitement and anticipation of the PNEUMAtic circUS.

We look forward to your spontaneous PNEUMAtic intervention at transmediale 2013!
PNEUMAtic circUS Opening Times:
Tuesday 29 January: 20.30-22.00
Wednesday, 30 January: 15:00–17:00 & 18:00–20:00
Thursday, 31 January: 15:00–17:00 & 18:00–20:00
Friday, 1 February: 16:00–21:00 with breaks
Saturday, 2 February: 16:00–21:00 with breaks
Sunday, 3 February: 14:00–19:00 with breaks

Over 100 capSOULes by 92 authors from 16 countries:
Martha Aitchison | Silvia Ancillotti | Arno Arts | Anna Banana | Vittore Baroni | Keith Bates | Lello Bavenni | Mariano Bellarosa | Anna Boschi | Maria Cecilia Bossi | Antonino Bove | Hans Braumüller | Keith A. Buchholz | buz blurr | Cobas (Mario Carchini) |R.F. Coté | Silvio de Gracia | Ko de Jonge | David Dellafiora | Michel Della Vedova | Adolfina de Stefani | Marcello Diotallevi | Jan-Willem Doornenbal | Graziano Dovichi | Ever Arts | György Galántai | Carlo Galli | Gina Pritti Tutti Al Lago | Uli Grohmann | Karl-Friedrich Hacker | Niklas Heed | John Held Jr | Jennie Hinchcliff | I Santini Del Prete | Eberhard Janke | Jacques Juin | Susanna Lakner | Alessio Larocchi | Michael Leigh | Kristina Lindstrom | Little Shiva | Oronzo Liuzzi | Dario Longo | Serse Luigetti | Ruggero Maggi | Tim Mancusi | Guglielmo Manenti | Monica Michelotti | Chr. Mildbrandt (Schoko Casana Rosso) | Moan Lisa | Ken Montgomery | Emilio Morandi | Keiichi Nakamura | Lasse J Nielsen | Katerina Nikoltsou | Andrew Maximilian Niss | | Jürgen O. Olbrich | Mark Pawson | Rémy Pénard | Cheryl Penn | Manuel Perna | Daniele Fernando Poletti | Ptrzia (Tic Tac) | Topsy Qur’et | Steve Random | Tulio Restrepo | Sabina Romanin | Claudio Romeo | Roberto Rossini | Günther Ruch | Karla Sachse | Roberto Scala | Domenico Severino | Gianni Simone/Spiderweb Prods | Skooter | Litsa Spathi | Asa Stahl | Giovanni Strada | Rod Summers/VEC | Jaromir Svozilik | Thierry Tillier | John Tostado (Oh Boy!) | Klaus Urbons | Tommaso Vassalle | Tatiana Villani | Yoshi Wada | Chuck Welch (Cracker Jack Kid) | Lutz Wohlrab | Reid Wood | Maria Zamboni | Bernhard Zilling.

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