Wednesday, November 14, 2012

John Evans Fan Club

John Evans, the great American collagist and mailartist died on Oct. 5, 2012.
The Fake John Evans project was started by the mailarist Oh Boy in 2006 with his approval.

From left: Oh Boy & John Evans

The assignment was to create a collage that could have been done by John Evans. The result were returned to his apartment in NYC. Her enjoyed received them. He was amused and impressed with the different responses.
Often the Fakes were copied before sent to him. These copies were then sent to other artists who added to them and then set them on. This helped the project grow exponentianelly.
Severeal mounth ago on his 80th birthday, another blank Fakes were sent out. These are still being completed and return to his apartment. His wife, Margret Evans will add any additional Fakes to the collection before it is turned over to the archive along with the rest of his Mail Art collection.

These are my versions:

 The original Ray Johnson Bill de Kooning Bicycle Seat was and add and return project Johnson started in the 1980s. John Evans had participated with it many times over the years. He pointed out
that it was still going strong 17 years after Johnson´s death. A hybrid version of the Bill de Kooning Bicycle Seat  and the Fake Collage was created at John Evans´s request. He liked the idea that the Fake project continue  long after his own passing...
R.I.P. John Evans
R.IP. Ray Johnson.

 Ruud Janssen´s Interview with John Evans from 1996-97.

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