Thursday, October 11, 2012

In the Sign of the Books

Books were the main subject of the  XIV. Arnolfini Festival in Szigetszentmiklós (Hungary), in the house and garden of my friend Ervin Zsubori and his family. We also had the release party of the book Saját levében (Stew in its own juice) which was designed and illustrated by myself and which author is our friend, the gastroblogger, Edina Draskovich.
Ervin Zsubori is the editor of this book and it was published by Artemisz .

I also had a little show of my artistbook collection.

I spoke about the techniques of the artistsbook making, told the story of the Ghosts of Utopia Parkway and shown great masterpieces - among others- by the Redfoxpress/Franticham, Edition Janus, David Dellafiora,
Jennie Hinchcliff, Rémy Pénard, Francis and Leonie Osowski and Cheryl Penn.
The new booklet of Reed Altemus -fresh from the mailbox- was also there.

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