Sunday, September 2, 2012

Susannia going to the Museum

In the context of the International Mail Art Exhibition Human and Nature, Human and Technologie shows the Stamp Museum in Budapest from 31 August till end of October at their foyer a little selection from my mail art archive and some artiststamps, artists books and collaborated works with other artists I made to various mail art projects since 1995. 
The "poster" of the exhibition is Ryosuke Cohen´s portrait about me from 2004.

The opening speech said my friend Ervin Zsubori who is also the curator of the website 22 and the other Assembling Magazines of Planet Susannia, our common project with the Arnolfini Archívum.

Many thanks for the director of the museum, Gabriella Nikodém (from left) for the opportunity and her endless enthusiasm.
Many thanks also for the curator, Monika Csete who visited me in Germany in her sommer holiday to review my collection and talk about the conception.

If you are in Budapest in this autumn, you can see in 12 showcases postcards, ATC´s, envelopes and artiststamps of: Angela Behrendt, Eiichi Matsuhashi, Ruud Janssen, Jürgen O. Olbrich, Lothar Trott, Ruggero Maggi, Pascal Lenoir, Karen Champlin, Valeri Schimanovsky, Darlene Altschul, Karl-Friedrich Hacker, Torma Cauli and many others.

( Sorry for the reflexions, the light was too much.)


Carole Reid said...

Congratulation to you! I wish I could fly to Budapest to see this. Thanks for posting the photos for us.

david dellafiora said...

Wonderful looking show, well done.
best wishes
David said...

This looks so wonderful! If only if was still up when I just visited last week. I did get to meet Monika though -- and she is lovely. What an amazing place that museum is. Thanks for sharing the photos.