Monday, June 11, 2012



susan engleman said...

Hi Sussana,
Today I am in Budapest and went to the Budapest Stamp Museum with my husband who is a stamp collector. I was preparing for hours of boredom... Imagine my surprise to find this exhibition!!! It was absolutely amazing and after browsing through all the work, I noted down your name and address as your work was definitely my favorite. When I asked if I might take some photos, the museum employee went to find someone who spoke more English. She brought me Monica, your friend from graphic arts school. We spent an enjoyable time discussing mail art and other art and she allowed me to take photos of the exhibit. She was delightful! I just wanted to let you know that I saw your work and thought it was just spectacular.
Susan Engleman
Houston, Texas, USA

Planet Susannia said...

Dear Susan, thank you very much for your nice comment! It is every time a great moment to hear about people who likes my works. I was myself also at the opening of the exhibition on Sunday and I just read today Monika´s
E-mail about your meeting. The world is full of surprises!
Please E-mail me your post address and I send you some mail art only for you.