Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Daily Post: Cheryl Penn, or fishes from South Africa

On Cheryl´s envelopes are everytime wonderfull real original stamps, and not printed stickers from the machine of the Post Office as in Europe nowadays usual. Mostly fishes; Coral beauties (Centropyge bispinosus) by Chris van Rooyen from 2000.
Today I received Cheryl´s new pages to my magazine divided into three parcels with this fishes:

I found today new motives on the stamps: fertility figures and a neckpiece from Tsonga/Iziko Collection by Sascha Lipka 2010.
 Within are great pages for the 22th issue of the assembling magazine "22".

But the works are not alone.
 Cheryl is teacher in Durban and she was fascinated from the beauty of the desktops of the students and maked photos them. She sent me two images to alteration.
Very  inspiring!


Cheryl Penn said...

Hey Susannia - glad they arrived safely - i was worried - looking forward to your next magazine :-) - keep well XX

gjerziemarcaida said...

Nice fish stamp.