Monday, June 27, 2011

Daily Post: Torma Cauli /Hungary

 My friend, Torma Cauli sent me the invitation and the catalog of the Mail-Art Exhibiton Feel free! (Csak szabadon!) from the collection of the French art-lover Michel Bohbot. The vernissage was in June 18, in the Stamp Museum Budapest with the association the  French Institute of Hungary. If you speak Hungarian, you can read Cauli´s eulogy and the riport of Ervin Zsubori on our collective culture dock.

I received also 2 lovely collage-postcard from Cauli with
his own artistamps, the stickers of the exhibition and the stamps of the museum.
Absolutelly authentic!


Torma Cauli said...

Köszönöm! A 'munkacsoport' nevében is... :-))

Thomilla said...

Én is köszönöm, a tervező-rendező nevében is! :-)

Planet Susannia said...

Kedves Thomilla, ha újra erre jársz:
igazi profi munka lett a katalógus, nagy élvezet lapozgatni és nézegetni a többi nyomtatvánnyal együtt!

Peter Dowker said...

Nice! Very nice!

Torma Cauli said...

Thanks Peter, glad!