Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Art Publication by Vittore Baroni

In the tradition of the Decentralized Networker Congresses, of the Incongruous Meetings and of the Obscure Actions, 2010 saw the international diffusion of a collective open project, that lasted twelve months, aimed at a shared detoxification from the art toxins that oppress our daily life (how many invites to exhibitions, events and presentations do we get every day?).
Hundreds of people in various parts of the world took part in the course of 2010 in ART DETOX therapeutic group meetings, they carried out “Insulation Tests” by visiting art galleries and museums with their head hidden in a paper bag or they practiced “Relaxation Tests” by sticking curative ART DETOX patches on their bodies, by playing water football in a small basin or by “combing dolls”. Are your ARTeries clogged with toxins too?

The final documentation of the ART DETOX 2010 project is finally ready, an illustrated booklet of 32 pages (texts in English and Italian) with inserts and original souvenirs (including the “Art Detoxed” badge created by Gumdesign), plus a multimedia cd-r with an ample selection of texts and images and an ART DETOX EP: five tracks of artherapeutic music exclusively recorded by Rod Summers (Vecdor featuring Korka Helgadóttir), Gina Pritti Tutti al Lago, Ratto Goal, Gianluca Becuzzi and Le Forbici di Manitù.

The cost of a copy of the publication with cd-r, air mail postage included, outside Italy is of € 15,00 or $ 20,00. Send International Postal Money Order (or cash hidden in a envelope) to: Vittore Baroni, via C. Battisti 339, 55049 Viareggio, Italy.

The contents of the documentation will be also available soon online, inside the blog

The most active collaborators to the project will receive a special free copy of the documentation.

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