Monday, October 11, 2010

Frankfurt Book Fair 2010

Close encounter of the third kind with Antic-Ham and Francis van Maele
on the Stand of Franticham
My collection from the series c´Est mon dada
 is almost complete; after Vittore Baroni, Bernd Reichert, Reid Wood, Jean Delvaux, Litsa Spathi
I purchased now Pete Spence´s visual poetrys and Thierry Tillier´s collages. From the volumes of the "22" artists I still missing  David Dellafiora and Jürgen Olbrich´s Postcard Correction but they was already unavailable.
The wonderfull Jean Delvaux himself was also present on the fair. It was an experience to see his collagebooks in original.

The next opportunity to meet with the Redfoxpress/Anticham books and publishers at the New York Art Book Fair - Moma PS1, 4-7 November 2010

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