Thursday, May 6, 2010

"22" The Assembling Magazine #18

With the participation of:
Siggi Liersch Germany David Dellafiora Australia Piet Franzen Holland Antic-Ham South Korea Christian Alle France Vittore Baroni Italy Tiziana Baracchi Italy Angela Behrendt Germany
Jörg Seifert Germany Serse Luigetti Italy Margit Kupsch Germany Samuel Montalvetti Argentina
Keith A. Bucholz USA Rémy Penard France Eberhard Janke Germany Dirk Fröhlich Germany Francis Van Maele Irland Bruno Sourdin France Susanna Lakner Germany Pete Spence Australia
Reg F. Cote Canada Renata & Giovanni Strada Italy

On the cover are fragments of the envelopes of Antic-Ham, Keith A. Buchholz and Rémy Penard.


david dellafiora said...

Looks great, look forward to holding it in my hands!

Torma Cauli said...

Very good! Jó lett!