Monday, May 31, 2010

12. Arnolfini Festival 29 May, Szigetszentmiklós, Hungary

Ervin Zsubori
János Saxon Szász, Zsuzsa Dárdai
János Géczi, Géza Perneczky
 Galina Torma, László Torma Cauli
Photos: Susanna Lakner
More about the festival here.


Peter Dowker said...

Cauli....what a cutie!
I think I remember this event from last year.....he was cutting an apple.....nice.

Reed Altemus said...

Great to see pics of some of my Hungarian friends. Thanks Susanna.

Planet Susannia said...

Yes, it was a great event.
And the weather was very nice only for
this day!
Unfortunately we must everytime to decide either to enjoy the show or
to make photos.

Torma Cauli said...

yee... thanks Peter... (Hi Reed) :-)
...and great pictures