Friday, April 23, 2010

Wine Corks Mailart Project

Send your old wine corks (preferably non plastic) to Planet Dada where they will be used to power the AMAZING Interquantum Interstellar STARSHIP Engine and allow another glimpse of that strange and golden planet!

No Returns, No Fees, No Judgmental Remarks ! Project ends 31.12.10 with documentation at so may all my fellow mail artists break open a fine bottle, raise a glass in toast to the international/interspatial community AND SEND ME THE CORKS !

Feel free to save them up in batches, raid the bins of your local restaurants or start a series of Planet Dada Saturday Night Parties - remember folks, drink (un)sensibly!

Please circulate this throughout the eternal network on and offline.

Sean Woodward | Planet Dada Mailart
11 Menin Road | Allestree | Derby | DE22 2NL | England

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