Wednesday, April 14, 2010

National Poetry Month USA / Reed Altemus

Born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania in 1961. Lives and works in Portland Maine. Reed Altemus's work has appeared in the following magazines since 2002: Rampike (Canada), Offerta Speciale (Italy), Unarmed(USA), Open World (Serbia), Otoliths (Australia), Lost & Found Times (USA), Boxon (France), SCORE (USA), Signal (Serbia), Blackbox (USA), Moria (USA), Gestalten (USA), Blackbird (USA), Xtant (USA), fhole (Canada), Voce Piena (USA), Generator (USA), Letter Founder (USA), Communicarte (Brazil), Miniature Forest (USA), Arnyekkotok (Hungary) , Big Ode (Portugal), Wohnzimmer (Germany). In his spare time he enjoys ice cream and Sun Ra.
More about the national Poetry Month here.

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