Monday, March 1, 2010

Current Influences on Planet Susannia /March

Gábor Bódy (30 August 1946 – 25 October 1985) was a Hungarian film director, screenwriter, theoretic, and occasional actor. A pioneer of experimental filmmaking and film language, Bódy is one of the most important figures of Hungarian cinema.
In 1985 Bódy died under sketchy circumstances. No official investigation followed and Bódy's fate remains a mystery to this day.
In the last days of his life he works on new video genres.

His movie films:
1975 : Amerikai Anzix / American Postcard
1980 : Nárcisz és Psyché / Narcissus and Psyche
1983 : Kutya éji dala / The Dog's Night Song

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