Monday, October 19, 2009

The Darwin File #1

Wee celebrate this year two pioneers.
Charles Darwin, the father of the evolution theory and Edgar Allan Poe,
the great american poet and horror author were born 1809.
Instead of the regular "22" issues, in 2009 we make 2 parallel magazine
series with this themes.
The participants of the first Darwin issue:
Angela Behrendt, Jörg Seifert, Karl-Friedrich Hacker, Harmut Graf,
Johanna Goisser, Roland Halbritter, Horst Baur, Dirk Fröhlich, Jürgen O. Olbrich,
and Siggi Liersch from Germany, Torma Cauli, Hungary, Bernd Reichert, Belgium,
Pete Spence and David Dellafiora from Australia, Miguel Jimenez, Spain,
Francoise Soupel and Pascal Lenoir, France, Jan-Willem Doornenbal, Holland,
and Tiziana Baracchi, Vittore Baroni, Renata & Giovanni Strada from Italy.

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