Friday, February 17, 2023

The European Travel Project

 Laurence Gillot found on the flea market hundred pockets containing old photos from different places in Europe. She started with them a collaborative project with another artists. I am one from the crew.

This is my timetraveler album with 12 collages.




Tuesday, September 29, 2020

International Mail-art Action : Who are you today? My Neighbour with Dementia

Fear 2019

Alzheimer Gessellschaft Lechrain, Hohenpeißenberg, Germany


Curated by Thorsten Fuhrmann and Doris Kettner.




Wednesday, June 24, 2020

The Postal Worker / Mail Art Show

Theme: The Postal Worker

Deadline July 15th, 2020

Send in Mail Art with the Postal Worker theme.
Any size welcome.

This Mail Art Show will be exhibited inside the Kenton Post Office in Portland Oregon.

Documentation to ALL!

Send all Mail Art to:
Jenny Soup
PO Box 17643
Portland, Oregon 97217

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

t.a.z / tiny art assembling zine

The smallest assembling mag in the Mail Art Network
t.a.z. tiny art zine curated by Vittore Baroni 

 with the partiipation of:
Anna Banana John M. Bennett Antonio Bove Giuseppe Calandriello Ryosuke Cohen R.F. Coté David Dellafiora Marcello Diotallevi Graziano Dovichi Mike Dyar Jas Felter Domenico Ferrara H.R. Fricker  Antonio Gomez John Held Jr. Jennie Hinchcliff I Santini Del Prete Eberhard Janke Susanna Lakner Michael Leigh Ruggero Maggi Gabriele Menconi Emilio Morandi Jürgen O.Olbrich Clemente Padin Mark Pawson Claudio Romeo Walter Rovere Karla Sachse Carol Stetser  Renata & Giovanni Strada Rod Summers Ptrizia TicTac Alan Turner Daniele Virgilio and Vittore Baroni

Giuseppe Calandriello

Walter Rovere

Walter Rovere

Keith Bates

Ptrizia TicTac

Renata & Giovanni Strada

Susanna Lakner
Jennie Hinchcliff

R.F. Coté

Ruggero Maggi
Antonio Gomez

David Dellafiora