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Mail Art Call


time: from july 19 th. to september 10 th. 2018
location: MultiCultural Center (MKC) Templin - Uckermark, Germany

(MKC) Templin calls for the international mail art project "watermarks" on the occasion of the 15th Water Games, which take place in July 2018 and invites artists to participate on the project with postcards.

All submitted works will be show on an exhibition in MKC Templin from 19.July to 10.September 2018 and all artists will be presented in the Internet.

Gerald Narr MKC Templin Prenzlauer Allee 6 17268 Templin Germany
Deadline: June 20, 2018
Technique: all artistic techniques, Collage and mixed media Size: A6 = 10.5 x 14.8 cm up to 21 cm (4.13 x 5.51 up to 8.27 inches) Sign your name, address, e-mail address and homepage/facebook page, on the back of your work.
no jury – no fee – no return Please send your original work to the address below.
Thank you and best regards Gerald Narr

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Evolution - Around the World

An International Collage project of Kevin Brandtner founder of Mail Art Archive Vienna


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"22" The Assembling Magazine of Susannia #35 LAST ISSUE


I entered the Mail Art Network in 1995. After some changes/exchanges and participations on several mail art projects I discovered the medium called assembling magazine for me.
I was fascinated by the great technical and thematical variety of the works. I took part among others on Bric a Brac, Theo Breuer´s YE, Leopold Bloom, El Mail Tao, but my favourite was Pascal Lenoir´s Mani Art. From 1984 to 2001 he published 135 issues in several forms.
At the time I have joined it was a little A5 bounded magazine.
In year 2000 I decided to found my own assembling. I plant a little magazine with 20 participants with name „20“. Jürgen O. Olbrich, who had organized at that time an exhibition about zines in Kassel, wrote me by return of post, that in the USA an art magazine named „20“ already exists and so I changed the name and the number of the participants to 22 (The Assembling Magazine of Planet Susannia).  I sent out the flyers per snail mail (Pre-Internet-Age!) and soon came better and better works  - among others - from Pascal Lenoir, who got not annoyed, because I took over the size and form of Mani Art, quite the reverse, he was during many years member of the hardcore as Jürgen O. Olbrich, David Dellafiora, Vittore Baroni, Tiziana Baracchi, Giovanni Strada, Pete Spence, Karl Friedrich Hacker, Michael Leigh, Angela Behrendt, Siggi Liersch and Piet Franzen, who participated almost in all issues.

In addition to the regular magazines we had already thematic ones too:
Hommage á Max Ernst, Parallel Universes, Tourists and Travellers,
The collective diaries: 20 Days and 16 Days, we had a double series about
Edgar Allan Poe (volume 1-2) and Darwin (volume 1-3).
I made the anthology Rejtett Összefüggések (Hidden Nexuses) with Hungarian Artists,
and a Tribute to DADA´s 100th Anniversary. We said Good bye! with special issues to
Piermario Ciani, Pig Dada and Schoko Casana Rosso.

At the beginning  we used stamps, glues, colours, stickers, photocopies, but slowly we have all computers and I received even more prints and print based works. 

During that time I made also my collage art, took part on non-mail art exhibitions and had solo ones too. Since some years I focus even more on that and I realised one fine day:
that´s my future project now. It´s time to close the file 22.
Thank you all!

#35 with the participation of:
Tulio Restrepo Columbia  Laurence Gillot France Vizma Bruns Australia Claire Allan Dinsmore  USA Magda Lagerwerf Holland Bruno Sourdin France Siggi Liersch  Germany Allan Bealy USA
Reg Coté Canada Piet Franzen Holland Pete Spence Australia Vittore Baroni Italy Tiziana Baracchi  Italy Stefan Heuer Germany Rémy Penard France Christian Alle France Antonio Gomez  Spain David Dellafiora Australia Rozi Bornemisza Hungary Bertrán Laguna  Spain
Jürgen O.Olbrich Germany Ervin Zsubori  Hungary

Tulio Restrepo

Laurence Gillot
Vizma Bruns

Claire Allan Dinsmore

Magda Lagerwerf
Bruno Sourdin

Siggi Liersch

Siggi Liersch

Siggi Liersch / Allan Bealy

Reg F. Coté

Piet Franzen

Piet Franzen
Pete Spence

Vittore Baroni

Tiziana Baracchi

Stefan Heuer

Christian Alle

Rémy Penard
Antonio Gomez

David Dellafiora

Rozi Bormenisza
Bertán Laguna
Jürgen O. Olbrich

Ervin Zsubori
Susanna Lakner
Susanna Lakner + The World Michael Leigh from an earlier issue